Take a Stroll Through BMW M5 History With Tiff Needell

Tiff Needell’s review of the 2006 BMW M5 remains one of the greatest videos on the internet. The road trip through France to a racing circuit to get the car totally sideways was one of the things that inspired me to buy an M5 of my own. Now, Tiff is back driving M5s on camera, and this time, he’s taking a look at every single generation.

Needell and co-host Paul Woodman on the Lovecars YouTube channel brought together all six generations of M5 to compare them back to back. That’s right, every M5, from the iconic E28 that started it all, to the modern twin-turbo F90 generation in dealerships today.

Pretty much every generation of M5 is special for one reason or another. The E34 was the first M5 to come in a wagon version. The E39, with its torque-filled V-8 and perfect balance, is considered one of the best sports sedans of all time. And let’s not forget the E60’s F1-inspired 5.0-liter V-10 engine. Of course, the F10 was also the first M5 with turbochargers and the first with a dual-clutch transmission.

As Needell and Woodman discover, there’s something to love behind the wheel of every M5. Though the new one might not be as light and simple as the early models, it’s still a blast. We don’t ever expect that to change.

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