The Final Lincoln Town Cars Got This Classy Analog Clock

We haven’t had a Car Clock of the Week episode since way back in early November, and that clock was an entry-level digital timepiece from a lowly Kia Rio. What we need to start the new year off right is a fine luxury chronometer from the last generation of the Lincoln Town Car. Here we go!

The 1998-2011 Town Car was a dressed-up Ford Crown Victoria, and the early models had an Infiniti-influenced oval clock in the center of the dash (previous generations of Town Cars got some classy Roman-numeral-equipped square clocks). I found this ’06 in a Denver yard and just had to add its clock to my hoard collection.

The interior of the late Town Car was just a plusher version of the Crown Victoria’s, which means you could upgrade your ex-cop P71 Crown Vic to Town Car-grade luxury on a budget. The clock lived right in the middle of the dash, a trend made popular in the early 1990s by the original Infiniti Q45.

I suspect that the guts of this clock are identical to those used in other Ford Empire machinery of the same era, e.g., the 1998 Jaguar XJ. The Town Car got the “gold” adjustment buttons flanking the round face, though.

Well worth $5.74!

Early-21st-century car gauges were going to orange, blue, even pink illumination, but Ford kept the same green color that worked so well in the 1960s.

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