This Towable Camper Comes Standard With A Chainsaw

Fallen trees will no longer ruin your vacation.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again – camper trailers are awesome. We love them because they are practical, compact, and – most of all – way more affordable than the motorized motorhomes. And every time there’s a new offering on the market, we are happy to report about it and share more details with you. Today’s example could be one of the coolest we’ve seen so far.

It comes from Three Feathers Manufacturing, an Oregon-based company, owned by industry veteran and vivid outdoorsman Mel Sandland, which offers the so-called Trail Head. It’s a fully equipped single-axle rugged trailer and “you can demand respect from this awesome trailer and go where others won’t dare.” The standard equipment includes aluminum wheels, small kitchenette, 12-volt outlet, 27-gallon water tank, and – behold – a Stihl chainsaw.

“That was the biggest hit in the show,” Sandland comments to “People kept asking, ‘Does that come with this?’ And I said, ‘You see this cement right here? Everything sitting on this cement is included.’”

At an additional cost, customers can also order nice features such as a 110-volt furnace, roof tent with room for up to five people, large cooler, water heater, ladder, spare tire, rubber roof, shovel, portable stove, LPG tank, and roof vent. There’s also a stripped down version, called the Pig, which doesn’t have insulated interior and windows and comes only with a pop-up tent.

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Three Feathers Manufacturing started its business as a cargo trailer producer some 15 years ago and today has six models on sale varying from off-road teardrops to utility towables. The company is selling its products through the Trailer Boss dealerships in Washington.

“We used the same product as with the high-end trailers out there,” Sandland explains. “The same windows, same axles, same doors, same paneling. … It’s the same quality materials but condensed.”

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