2020 CES: Hyundai Showcases Its Fully Electric Purpose Built Vehicle

We’ve already shown you Hyundai’s air taxi and even the Hub. Hyundai also showcased its dynamic human-centered future and it’s called the Purpose Built Vehicle. The PBV is a new urban mobility solution that can accommodate a wide spectrum of future lifestyles with limitless personalisation. It allows passengers to enjoy tailored services while traveling to their destinations, offering a whole new take on the concept of mobility beyond a means of transportation. Upon personalisation, PBVs can function as a restaurant, coffee shop, and hotel, or even a clinic and pharmacy, in addition to being an urban shuttle.

Hyundai’s concept PBV embodies three key messages: city icon, living space on wheels, and clustered mobility. The PBV is inspired by San Francisco’s iconic cable car. “The design comes alive and makes us feel connected to the way we get around through a progressive reinterpretation of its DNA and incorporation of the urban scenery,” said SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Hyundai Global Design.

The PBV is highly customisable with complete disassembly of upper- and under- bodies and adjustable size from 4 to 6 meters. Its interior can be personalised to individual needs by assembling modular parts, taking the PBV beyond transportation into the realm of living space. Given the fact that it’s fully electric, the PBV is also an environmentally-friendly mobility solution. Its artificial intelligence feature allows the PBV to navigate along the best routes and charge in-transit with the help of the charger PBVs.

The PBV can also travel autonomously which is expected to bring innovative changes to personal deliveries, as well support the wider logistics industry within future cities.

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