Bjørn Nyland: Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Range Test Results

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus range gets tested.

Bjørn Nyland recently switched from the Tesla Model 3 Performance to the Standard Range Plus to conduct an overview and several important tests, starting with range.

The entry-level Model 3 in Europe turned out to be good for around 400 km (249 miles) at a constant speed of 90 km/h (56 mph). The result is not a surprise, although the calculated available energy of just 49 kWh is a little surprising.

Summer range test results:

Overall, the Standard Range Plus turns out to be very similar to the Bjørn’s Performance version, although lacking some features, range and performance.

Interestingly the weight of the base Tesla is 1,740 kg (3,836 lbs).

More tests, including Supercharging, are coming next.

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