First Electric Land Rover Lands in 2024

The first electric Land Rovers aren’t too far over the horizon, with the automaker revealing plans to launch six battery-electric variants in the next half-decade. The first one will get here in 2024.

The plans are a part of Jaguar Land Rover’s “Reimagine” strategy, which will see the British automaker become a net-zero carbon business by the year 2039. Before that happens, the two sibling brands will seek to offer all of their nameplates in pure-electric form, targeting 2030 to complete the rollout. The goal is that by 2030, about 60% of Land Rover models sold will be zero-emissions vehicles, with Land Rover leaving itself some room to maneuver as Jaguar itself becomes an EV-only brand.

Just which Land Rover could be the first to get a battery-electric option?

The company isn’t saying at the moment, but the next model due for a redesign around that time is the big Range Rover, which has been in production since 2012. While the Range Rover has received a few updates since then, an all-new model is expected to go on sale sometime in 2022. The redesigned flagship will ride on JLR’s Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) and is scheduled to be produced in Solihull. The gas-engined version is expected to arrive first, joined by a plug-in hybrid and diesel models early on, with a full EV version expected to follow in 2024.

The Rangie is a natural choice for the marque’s first EV given its exclusive status and price tag, large footprint, and a tech-heavy interior. Its two-decades-long transformation into a personal luxury limousine also means it will see plenty of sales potential in China where this segment, along with the brand itself, have taken off in recent years. Its draw as an electric limousine, especially in long-wheelbase form, is expected to make it a hit in many crucial markets.

But electrification isn’t the only avenue the company is pursuing; Jaguar Land Rover plans also to field hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in the future. The company will field prototypes on U.K. roads within the next year, but it staying mum on just when and where we might see production models. It is a bit surprising that Land Rover plans to invest in such a niche technology given the market share it currently enjoys and given the ratio of EV stations to hydrogen fuel stations, but Land Rover is nevertheless preparing for a zero-emissions future that could including hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

“Jaguar Land Rover is unique in the global automotive industry. Designers of peerless models, an unrivaled understanding of the future luxury needs of its customers, emotionally rich brand equity, a spirit of Britishness and unrivaled access to leading global players in technology and sustainability within the wider Tata Group,” said Thierry Bollore, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover.

“We are harnessing those ingredients today to reimagine the business, the two brands and the customer experience of tomorrow,” Bollore added. “The Reimagine strategy allows us to enhance and celebrate that uniqueness like never before. Together, we can design an even more sustainable and positive impact on the world around us.

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