Lebron James Is Impressed After Tour Of Hummer EV

Lebron calls the Hummer EV a ‘beast.’

You might remember in January when Lebron James released a video of him checking out the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1. Now, it’s possible to see that from another perspective because GMC now has a clip showing him checking out the same pearl-colored example of the upcoming electric pickup.

James seems very impressed with the new Hummer. He calls it a “beast” and describes it as “so futuristic but so bold at the same time.” James even gets to drive the truck but only as far as leaving the garage and into the driveway, since this is a pre-production vehicle.

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As GMC’s brand ambassador, it’s safe to expect James to be among the first people in the country to get ahold of the Hummer EV Edition 1. In the video, he promises folks will see him driving it at home in Ohio and around Los Angeles.

The Edition 1 has an asking price of $112,595, and all of the reservations for them are already gone. They come exclusively in this white exterior and a Lunar Horizon interior. These vehicles get all the available features like Super Cruise, the Infinity Roof with removable panels, adaptive air suspension, and underbody armor.

With three electric motors, the Hummer EV packs an estimated 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts) and 800 pound-feet (1,085 Newton-meters). The range is predicted to be over 350 miles, and the run to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) might be as low as three seconds.

If you want a Hummer EV and don’t have a reservation for the Edition 1, then you need to wait until fall 2022 to purchase the truck. The EV3X model will have most of the same features, though, like three electric motors, adaptive suspension, and CrabWalk. The two-motor EV2X arrives in spring 2023, and the base model EV2 finally joins the range in spring 2024.



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