See GMC Hummer EV Play In The Snow, Make Unique Powdered Donuts

Even Hummer EV test vehicles can have some fun.

General Motors isn’t shying away from electric vehicles. Last month, the automotive giant announced it would stop selling gas-powered vehicles by 2035. That’s 14 years away, though GM is planting the seeds for success now with products like the GMC Hummer EV, which the company has been heavily advertising. The Hummer made an appearance in the company’s 2021 Super Bowl, and for Fat Tuesday, the pickup is providing the public with powdered donuts.

These aren’t the edible kind, though if you do too many of them in an empty parking lot, you’re still likely to draw the attention of the police. GMC posted on Facebook a short video of the all-electric pickup truck sliding around an empty parking doing donuts in some freshly fallen snow. There’s not much to the short teaser other than an “Enjoy a powdered donut on us” caption at the end. What is interesting, though, is that the truck is clearly a test vehicle.

Not only does it say so in the video’s fine print, but also there’s trim visibly missing. The cladding around the wheels wells is missing, as is the trim along the top off the bedsides. Even the sill molding and side steps are missing. What the truck doesn’t lack is the ability to slide the back end around. The new Hummer EV should have plenty of power to have fun using a variety of conditions – while in a safe environment to do so.

Regular folks won’t get to enjoy the Hummer EV in such conditions until this fall, when the Edition 1 model arrives for $112,595. It’s a high price tag, though it comes with all the bells and whistles – CrabWalk, Infinity Roof, Watts to Freedom drive mode, and Super Cruise. The base model doesn’t arrive until Spring 2024, and it’ll have a $79,995 starting price.

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