Tesla Dashcam Captures Crazy Multi-Car Spinout Crash: Video

It’s a bit difficult to see, but there’s a major wreck captured by Teslacam.

More often than not, the Teslacam clips we feature here on InsideEVs include the Tesla being somehow involved in the action.

Be it a Tesla avoiding an out-of-control truck, or a Model 3 swerving to avoid a car that enters its lane. However, Teslacam can capture other vehicles involved in mishaps too. We’ve seen this in the past as well.

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This particular Teslacam capture shows a rather major wreck in the background. Presumably, the driver of the Tesla caught a glimpse of the crash in his/her rearview mirror and then dug up the playback footage.

It’s off in the distance a bit, so it’s hard to see, but it appears as though a lane crosser didn’t quite fit in the gap. A spin follows and several cars are involved.

Watch the clip above to see what Teslacam saw. Flip forward to the 30-second mark.

Video description via X54Jaz on YouTube:

TeslaCam Car Crash.

My Tesla recorded a car crash seconds away from me.

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