Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Progress November 13, 2020: Video

The plant is almost complete. It’s time to clean up the site.

China has lifted the ban on drones flying in the Shanghai area so we can take a look at the Tesla Giga Shanghai factory as of November 13.

While the Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model 3 production is running at full speed (the parking lot is once again full of new cars), the construction work seem to be nearly completed.

Tesla demolished the temporary ramp to the new Model Y facility and now is clearing the area (left image below), probably to make it a parking lot for Model Y.

Tesla Gigafactory (source: Jason Yang)

Tesla Gigafactory (source: Jason Yang)

In a second video, we can see (at 2:22) a Model Y structure moved by several employees. We guess that the production might start soon – within a month or so, although the schedule is Q1 2021.

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