Tesla Gigafactory 3 Interior Progress Revealed

Construction speed at Tesla Gigafactory 3 in China continues to impress.

As we continue to learn about and share images and video of Tesla Gigafactory 3 construction in China, we’ve been incredibly impressed by the progress. The first phase of construction was finished near the end of last month (May). Now, it’s evident that work on the interior is well underway.

With plans for the Shanghai Gigafactory to begin manufacturing the Tesla Model 3 by the end of the year, there’s clearly no time to waste. A photo taken just hours ago reveals green lights coming from the inside of the factory.

Twitter user Chao Zhou (@realChaoZhou) also notes that it looks like there may be a car inside. We’re not sure what that means. One would assume he’s not suggesting that a Tesla vehicle is inside, but who knows. Perhaps it’s just some type of work vehicle.

If the above exterior photo isn’t enough to convince you of construction efforts within the factory, no worries. Twitter user Vincent (@vincent13031925), who has been keeping us apprised of progress in Shanghai on a regular basis, shared images from inside Gigafactory 3.


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