Tesla Model 3 Breaks EV Distance Record In 24-Hour Run: Video

YouTuber Bjørn Nyland and his team managed to drive 1,728 miles (2,871 km) during a 24-hour journey

Would it ever be possible to travel 1,728 miles, or 2,781 km, in only 24 hours? Under some conditions, yes. Just put together an autobahn – with no speed limits –, a high-capacity EV supercharger, and a Model 3, along with Norwegian YouTuber Bjørn Nyland and his team. These guys have managed to break the EV Distance Record in a 24-hour run with exactly that much distance we told you in the beginning.

To get there, Nyland had to go through a lot of preparation. How long would he charge the Model 3 before going for another run? At what speed could he go not to deplete the battery charge all of a sudden? How many drivers besides him would it be necessary for everyone to get decent rest and not make the whole thing a danger? 

Nyland does not disclose all the strategy he and his friends had to follow, but we have some glimpses of that. When he has to sleep and passes the wheel to one of his teammates, he warns them to charge the Model 3 just up to 64%. With the route they chose to run, close to Demminer Land, in Germany, that is enough for the Tesla to get back to the supercharger with 9 percent of juice and start the process all over again.

Unfortunately, Nyland does not tell us how many times he and his buddies had to stop to recharge, nor how much time they lost in the process or the top speed they have achieved, but the video once again gives us some idea of what they went through. The Model 3 has at least once reached and maintained a top speed of 172 km/h (106.9 mph). If you do the math, 1,728 miles in 24 hours gives us a speed average of 72 mph.

It is worth reminding that high speeds are not exactly friendly to EVs range. Yet, these guys have run that much distance in only 24 hours. For how long will we still hear people worried about range in electric cars? Possibly only the ones getting them from the used car market.

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