Tesla Model 3 Dashcam Captures Camaro Driver Smashing Into A Tesla

Yet another terrible driver making bad choices.

It’s hard to top the Tesla dashcam footage we recently shared involving the ridiculously reckless Dodge Durango driver. However, this Camaro driver makes similar choices, which lead to him hitting an unsuspecting Model 3 and running his own car into a concrete retaining wall. Thankfully, he didn’t go over the wall. We hope no one sustained any serious injuries.

As you can see from the video, the Camaro driver speeds past a Tesla Model 3. We will give him credit for passing on the left and using an actual lane to do so. Following this, he uses his turn signal (another good choice) as he cuts through traffic to move over two lanes toward an exit ramp. Not too bad so far.

However, when you’re driving quickly and making such maneuvers, you have to pay attention and know how to control your car. After the double lane change, the Camaro driver appears to slightly lose control as he’s entering a curved exit ramp. The car crosses over the lane line, there’s a minor correction, the Camaro crosses over again, hits a Model 3 and slams into the outside wall.

We assume the Model 3 driver that followed and recorded the accident provided the authorities with the TeslaCam video. If we learn anything further about how the situation plays out, we’ll provide an update.

Video Description via JT on YouTube:

Tesla Cam of a Camaro hitting another Tesla

Austin, TX 6-27-19

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