Tesla Model 3 Features & Updates Overview 2019: Video

Tesla Model 3 continues to get better and better thanks to new software updates.

Tesla released in May several new software features for the Model 3, using its over-the-air updates, including Software Update Preference, Driving Visualization, Conditional Speed Limits and Sentry Mode settings, as well as new active safety features when Autopilot is not in use.

The quick overview of the new stuff, which usually improves the owning experience, was recently released by 6 Months Later Reviews.

We guess that the top improvement is the ability to set Sentry Mode on by default, with an exception for certain locations (like home, work, and other) to not waste USB drive memory.

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Video Description via 6 Months Later Reviews on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Features Update – June 2019

We take a look at and review the latest features that have been released for the Tesla Model 3 via software update including: Software Update priority, Lane Departure Avoidance, Sentry Mode and more!

As you can see, a lot is going on in the Model 3 software, which probably is one of the most important aspects to keeping high satisfaction by the owners over the years.

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