Tesla Model 3 Races Through Boring Company Tunnel At 116 MPH

Sometimes boring is a good thing.

Some may say this video is pretty boring, but we think it’s worth sharing. American business icon, venture capitalist, and Tesla / SpaceX board member Steve Jurvetson provided a video showcasing a Model 3 drive in The Boring Company’s tunnel. As you can see, the car reaches speeds of up to 116 mph.

This footage was first shared by Steve Jobs (@tesla_truth) just minutes after Jurvetson’s tweet (which contains the original video link that’s no longer available). It’s important to point out that this is surely not the real Steve Jobs, but, of course, you already knew that. Sadly, Jobs passed away in 2011. The “tesla truth” twitter user has surfaced recently and shares Tesla’s successes using Jobs’ name and picture.

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Video Description via Torque News on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 In Boring Company Tunnel at 116 MPH

This rare video shows Tesla Model 3 driving through the Boring Company’s mile-long tunnel under Los Angeles.

A new video shared by venture capitalist and Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson has provided the best encapsulation of driving through the Boring Company’s Tunnel. Torque News thanks Steve at @tesla_truth for giving us permission to publish this video, which he published on his Twitter first.

“Support for Boring tunnels will come in a future Tesla software update. Just punch in your destination and your Tesla will automatically choose the best route through the tunnel network to get to your destination without stopping at up to 116 mph,” wrote Steve on his Twitter at https://twitter.com/tesla_truth/statu…

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