Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Real-World Highway Range Test

How far can it go?

When it comes to EVs, range is a primary consideration for most buyers. So, it’s important to know how far the car will travel in a real-world situation. EPA range estimates tend to be relatively accurate. At least, this is the case in comparison to other range cycles. However, there are many factors that impact a car’s real-world range.

According to the EPA, the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus offers 240 miles of range. YouTubers WeBackTesla wanted to see how many miles the electric car would actually travel on a highway road trip. He took the car a total of 272 miles, from Colorado Springs to Trinidad, CO and back.

It’s important to note that this trip was not intended to prove that the car offers more range than its rating suggests. The driver doesn’t “baby” the car by any means. Instead, he sets the cruise control at 78 mph and the AC at 68 degrees to give a better indication of how much range you can expect in a typical situation. In addition, he deals with some construction, leaves the highway to charge, and makes another pit stop.

Check out the video for more details and to learn how far this Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus can go on the highway. Then, let us know your personal experiences in the comments section.

Video Description via WeBackTesla on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 | Highway Real World Range Test | Ep 8 | Standard Range Plus

Today we took our Tesla Model 3 standard range plus on a long highway day road trip. Today’s range test was a top request from you guys! We kept our Tesla model 3 at a very high speed for a long trip halfway across the state. If you have range anxiety about the Model 3 standard range plus, this range test should help you out.

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