Tesla "Not-A-Refresh" Enhanced Interior Styling: Video

But, Elon Musk just made it clear that there would be no Tesla Model S and X interior refresh.

What is a vehicle refresh? The word takes on plenty of different definitions, but what we do know is it’s something Tesla NEVER does. Aside from the time it redesigned the front fascia of its Model S or the more recent time it brought the new “Raven” Model S and Model X to market.

Still, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the Silicon Valley automaker doesn’t refresh its cars. Conversely, legacy automakers sometimes refresh a vehicle multiple times between full redesigns. Even if the refresh is very minor, they’re quick to point out the changes to show that the cars have been made more desirable.

For the above reasons, it seems strange that Tesla still insists it doesn’t and isn’t going to refresh its vehicles. However, shortly thereafter, its flagship cars get a major range, performance, efficiency, and suspension “refresh.” Now, after another statement by Musk that was specific to say there’s no refresh coming — he even answered a question about an interior refresh and said “No” — Tesla’s website shows an Enhanced Interior Styling option for the Model S and X.

It’s important to note that this really all revolves around Musk’s definition of the word “refresh.” In addition, it seems he goes out of his way to assure that Tesla isn’t doing what traditional OEMs do. As you can read below, he clearly says “a series of minor ongoing changes.”

What’s the story? Tesla owner and YouTuber Eric Strait provides some discussion. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube: 

Tesla’s New Enhanced Interior Styling for Model S & X!

So is the refresh considered an interior enhancement? Tesla is now offering “Enhanced Interior Styling” on all new orders for Model S & X. What could it be?!

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