Tesloop CEO Chimes In On Tesla Cybertruck: More Crazy Predictions

Is there much more to the Tesla pickup than we might have reported about thus far?

As it turns out, tonight’s Tesla Pickup Truck (Cybertruck) reveal has proven to welcome droves of coverage and reports to the forefront, not only in terms of Tesla influencers, but also mainstream media, other organizations, and the like. Tesloop CEO and Co-founder Rahul Sonnad has now joined the club. 

For those unaware of Tesloop, it’s a leading company offering Tesla rentals. It’s also the go-to when it comes to looking into Tesla vehicle range, battery degradation, EV cost analysis, long-term ownership concerns, and immense mileage.

While Rahul and Tesloop have surely provided several YouTube videos in the past, this one arguably has much more prevalence than others since the Tesla Cybertruck reveal happens this evening.

Interestingly, the Tesloop CEO claims he has a crazy pickup truck prediction related to Tesla Autopilot and the company’s upcoming Full Self-Driving capability. Moreover, his company asserts that Rahul has been correct with his predictions in the past. 

Is Rahul correct this time? He certainly has a lot to share. Check out the brief video and then let us know your thought in our comment section below.

Video Description via Tesloop on YouTube:

Tesla Cybertruck Prediction

Rahul makes a wild Tesla Cybertruck prediction. What if he’s right again?

Check out Rahul’s accurate Investor Day prediction https://youtu.be/AO09A_EvSuU

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