Tiny Tesla Cybertruck With Hardcore Off-Road Package Put To The Test

It’s quite capable at handling the tough stuff, but will the real Cybertruck be as rugged?

Watch this tiny remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck tackle anything and everything thrown in its way. Boulders, water, steep terrain and more are no match for this off-roader. However, this is just a toy. Just how capable the real Cybertruck will be is something that remains to be seen.

We suspect that the actual Cybertruck, with its adaptive active air suspension, will indeed be quite capable off the road. The ability to raise the suspension up when the going gets tough will really make the Cybertruck more of an off-roader than a soft-roader. However, there’s no way of knowing if Tesla will equip the Cybertruck with the other necessary off-road components (even optionally) like beefy struts, various armor plates, a winch and more to tackle the truly tough stuff.

Surely the aftermarket will step in though to make the Cybertruck a hardcore off-roader, even if Tesla decides to take a different route with its first pickup truck.

Grab a look at the video to see how a toy Tesla truck tackles it all. It’s really quite impressive to see just how capable this off-road RC truck truly is. In a word, it’s unstoppable.

Video description via Turtle Laboratories on YouTube:

Some shots putting our Tesla Cybertruck build to the test.

This is a scale model built around a Redcat Racing Gen8 RC rock crawling chassis. A build video of the body will be released shortly. The body and fender flares are all made from aluminum.

To see the chassis build, go here: https://youtu.be/UtpFsuLYBTI

See below for more information on the chassis and other components found underneath this tiny Tesla Cybertruck and an additional video too:

I take a Redcat Racing Gen 8 PACK Builders kit and install a Hobbywing AXE 1800kv 540 setup with a PowerHD LW-25MG servo and stock Axial SCX10ii Nitto Trail Grappler tires, and then run it on our personal RC crawler course.

Footage shown with a 16T pinion.

Opinions on this setup will be in following videos.


Part 2 will be cramming this setup in a Tamiya Jeep Wrangler hard body.

There MIGHT (there will be) a part 1.5 with a surprise body, too!

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