Top 25 Tesla Model 3 Questions Answered: Video

You’ve got questions and here are the answers.

With the Tesla Model 3 recently entering new markets in both Europe and China, there’s a lot of new curiosity surrounding Tesla’s newest electric car.

This particular video comes to us from the UK, but the top questions are often pretty much similar to those answered here.

While some of these questions can be answered via our very own Compare EVs page, which is chock full of specs, pricing information, performance and more, other questions require some time behind the wheel to answer.

Carfection sets out to answer the top 25 Model 3 questions it received via its Instagram page. The result is this highly useful and educational video.

What’s the range of the Model 3? Is it quiet inside? Is a wagon version coming? How well does Autopilot really work? You’ll find answers to all these questions and more in the video above, so give it a watch if you’re interested in learning more about the Model 3.

Video description via Carfection on YouTube:

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