Watch Tesla Model S Versus A Horse In World's Most Unusual Race

It’s horse versus machine in this down and back race.

The Tesla Model S is basically unbeatable in drag races, but has it met its match in the form of a horse? Honestly, this is not a race we ever expected to see, yet here it is. On tarmac, the Model S would be the clear favorite here, but this race takes place on the grass where traction will surely be an issue for the Tesla. On the flip side, a horse is at home in a field such as this and traction won’t be a problem. So, which one wins? The tesla or the horse? Watch this unusual horse versus Tesla video to find out.

Diving into the numbers, we estimate the Tesla’s horsepower at around 590 and its torque at above 900 pound-feet. We don’t know the torque value for the horse though, but we’re fairly certain in saying that it has one horsepower. So, 1 horsepower versus 590. It doesn’t sound like a fair matchup to us, but again the slick surface should highly favor the horse over the car.

Like usual, the Model S gets the immediate jump off the line. Its instant torque pushes it to a quick lead. However, this is a down and back race, which means a turnaround lies ahead. Can the Tesla execute the turn without losing its lead? 

In the charge back to the finish line it’s clear that the Teslas wide turn around cost it dearly and the horse is picking up steam. Go ahead and grab a look at the video to see if its horse or machine that takes home the victory.

Video description (translated by Google) via Massimo Alboreto on YouTube:

A beautiful experience in which an 800 hp Tesla confronts the agility of a splendid polo horse on its terrain. Who will win this challenge?

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