Watch the Tesla Cybertruck reveal live tonight

The long-awaited Tesla pickup truck will feature a “cyberpunk” aesthetic, as seen in our rendering, because Elon Musk is a fan of “Blade Runner.”

Tesla is set to unveil the long-promised pickup truck tonight, firing a shot across the bow of the Detroit automakers and seeking to beat them to market—as well as at their own game. Dubbed “Cybertruck” by Elon Musk a few weeks ago, the only preview of the electric truck’s styling was teased by the automaker earlier this year, showing a squared-off front fascia with a narrow strip of headlights lining the front of the truck.

We’ll have the reveal livestreamed here, or you can check it out on Tesla’s YouTube channel.

When it comes to design, the single teaser image shared by Tesla painted a very uncompromising look that Musk has likened to a “cyberpunk” aesthetic. Whether the design turns out to be everyone’s cup of tea—especially those who could be in the market for an electric pickup—remains to be seen. But let’s just reiterate that what has been seen is deeply unconventional, especially from the standpoint of aerodynamics. Our own rendering above was informed by the official Tesla teaser image and from comments by Musk himself.

What can we expect from the Tesla truck when it comes to performance?

Musk has been pretty candid about that point.

“If the F-150 can do it, then a Tesla truck should be able to do it,” Musk said earlier this year, revealing that it has been benchmarking the truck against Ford’s best-selling pickup model.

This suggests that Tesla is sticking close to the packaging of the F-150, but with seating for six, offering 400 to 500 miles of range—a very high target—and a starting price around $50,000. Musk has also indicated that Tesla will offer several different versions of the truck, including single- and dual-motor versions. These comments have also influenced our rendering, suggesting a very roomy four-door body style. And the Tesla truck will also swing for the fences when it comes to towing capacity, which will likely be demonstrated at the presentation tonight.

The Tesla truck will be unveiled by the Fremont-based automaker at the SpaceX rocket factory in the Los Angeles area tonight at 11 p.m. EST/8 p.m. PST.

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