Watch This Fascinating Autopilot & Navigation Tournament: Tesla Vs Nio Vs Xpeng

Which advanced driver-assist system prevails in this extensive testing tournament?

42Mark (42HOW) reached out to us at InsideEVs to share its new, independent benchmarking program for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) on cars. The goal is to provide car shoppers and future EV owners with a better understanding of such “self-driving” technology.

42HOW uses difficult, standardized, scientific tests to compare the technology among cars. All tests are currently conducted in China under typical urban road conditions. The publication says it will re-test and share each vehicle’s results as the automakers periodically update their firmware.

In this particular test, shown in the video above, 42HOW pits the Tesla Model 3 against the NIO EC6 and the Xpeng X7. They test the cars’ semi-autonomous features with navigation. For instance, the Model 3’s Navigate on Autopilot feature, which is similar to NIO’s Navigate on Pilot (NOP) and Xpeng’s Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP).

The publication points out that it tests ramp passing, along with lane-changing strategies and interaction. It also factors the technologies’ availability. It says the video above is the only one of its kind, specifically looking at the differences between Tesla’s tech and its rivals in China.

While Tesla Autopilot has been around for many years, and Navigate on Autopilot isn’t new either, NIO’s NOP and Xpeng’s NGP were just recently introduced. However, 42NOW says the NIO and Xpeng technologies are more accustomed to Chinese road conditions, and thus able to provide Chinese EV drivers with a more user-friendly experience. Nonetheless, the publication has chosen the Model 3 as its overall winner. The Model 3 also wins for ADAS, though Xpeng takes the win for Navigation-Assisted ADAS and Automatic Parking.

Check out the fascinating testing video. Then, follow the link to the 42HOW website below, where you can see current rankings and more information. As always, leave us your takeaways in the comment section below.

Sources:42Mark (YouTube),42HOW

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