Why Tesla Model Y And Not Tesla Model 3 Hatchback? Video

It seems strange that Tesla didn’t decide to just start offering the Model 3 in a hatchback configuration.

When the Tesla Model Y was unveiled, many people were disappointed. This is not because there’s anything wrong with the concept and it doesn’t mean the small Tesla crossover won’t sell like hotcakes. However, despite the reality that the Y will be built on the same platform as the Model 3, people just expected it to be more “different.”

Essentially, the Model Y is a Model 3 hatchback with an option for a child-sized third row. It clearly sits a bit higher than the Model 3, has some extra interior space, and holds more cargo, but that’s generally true of most hatchback variants as compared to their sedan counterparts.

With all of that being said, Tesla may have been able to release a Model 3 hatchback variant much sooner than it will be able to bring the Model Y to market. When it comes to the third-row seats, we can’t imagine that many people will opt for them, but who knows. Time will tell.

Regardless, if Tesla came to market with a Model 3 hatchback and then realized a significant demand for an optional third row, a Model 3 L hatchback could join the lineup at a later date.

YouTube Channel Tailosive Tech addresses the questions, “Y is Model Y?” and “Y not Model 3 Hatchback?” These are really good questions. Check out the video for detailed insight. Then, scroll down and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Y is Model Y

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