GMC Has Delayed the Hummer EV Pickup's Launch Date

Back in February, General Motors revealed it would be bringing back the Hummer nameplate, this time in the form of an all-electric pickup truck, badged as a GMC. The truck was supposed to be revealed in-full on May 20, but that’s no longer happening.

The company released a short statement on Wednesday confirming it will reschedule the Hummer EV’s reveal, though a new date has yet to be announced. According to The Verge, the decision stems from complications arising from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Judging by the other delays in manufacturing and new car launches we’ve seen so far, that makes sense.

A GMC representative told Road & Track in a statement that while the launch has been delayed, the Hummer EV’s production schedule remains unaffected. If you’ve been following Hummer news closely, you’ll know GM announced a $2.2-billion investment into its Detroit Hamtramck facility in January 2020 to turn it into the company’s first fully dedicated electric vehicle assembly plant. This is where the new Hummer will be built.

So while we’ll have to wait a bit longer to feast our eyes on the all-electric Hummer truck, customers won’t be stuck waiting any longer than previously planned.

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