Jay Leno Installed a New Lightweight Titanium Exhaust on His Ford GT

Jay Leno was one of the lucky few individuals accepted by Ford to take ownership of a new GT. Despite the car’s rarity and hefty price tag, he hasn’t wasted any time modifying it.

In his latest restoration blog video update, Leno shows off a new titanium exhaust he recently installed into his new black and orange GT. He brought in Jason Heffner of the Heffner Performance team—the people responsible for fabricating the exhaust—to explain the benefits of the upgrade.

The system is a one-piece bolt-on unit that mounts directly behind the catalytic converters. It has a high-flow X-pipe design, and weighs less than six pounds. That means a weight-savings of over 30 pounds over the original system. Interestingly, this is the same exhaust that comes standard on the $1.2-million Mk. II Ford GT track car. The system is incredibly easy to install, as Heffner shows in Leno’s video above. It also makes the car sound a lot better.

The rest of the video is standard Leno restoration blog, with updates on his collection’s myriad of fascinating projects. If you have a few minutes to kill and love obscure cars coming back to life, be sure to watch.

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