Mazda Gave Its Coolest Models Some Excellent Race-Ready Upgrades

Mazda has unveiled a trio of concepts today at the Tokyo Auto Salon, based on the MX-5 Miata, Mazda 3, and CX-5. The cars have been upgraded with a bunch of parts from the company’s motorsport division, and they look awesome.

All three cars are painted in a lovely grey color, accented by a set of decals that include red side stripes, “Mazda Motorsport” text, and numbering that represents each’s respective model name. There are also tow hooks, bigger brakes, adjustable suspension systems, and new mufflers. Inside, the cars are given Alcantara shift knobs and steering wheels, as well as bucket seats and six-point harnesses.

Each car also has a handful of their own unique upgrades. In addition to the add-ons listed above, the Miata gets new underbody aero, a spoiler, a four-point roll bar, 17-inch RAYS aluminum wheels, Bridgestone Potenza tires, a strut bar, lower control arms, an aluminum pedal set, and a full Alcantara interior.

The Mazda 3 gets its own aero package, as well as its own strut bar, a different set of RAYS aluminum wheels measuring 18 inches in diameter, and a set of Potenzas. The CX-5 gets a handful of similar upgrades, including its own 20-inch RAYS wheels, a sports pedal set, and premium interior trim.

Mazda hasn’t said whether these cars will remain concepts or actually go into production, but considering how extensive the modifications are, we doubt they’ll make it to showrooms anytime soon. Car and Driver suggests that a turbocharged Mazdaspeed 3 hatch is possible, though. If enough people ask for it, that is. So next time you’re in a Mazda dealer, maybe drop a hint about wanting to see a new hot hatch in the showroom.

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