Watch the Jeep Wrangler Roll Over During its IIHS Crash Test

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released two videos on its YouTube channel today showing crash tests performed on the current JL-generation Jeep Wrangler. In the driver-side small overlap test shown above, the SUV rolled over onto its side upon impact, prompting the IIHS to hand it a Marginal overall safety rating.

The IIHS says it conducted two drive-side small overlap crash tests using 2019 model-year Wrangler four-doors, and both yielded unfavorable results. From the Institute’s website:

While the 2018-2020 Wrangler scored an overall Marginal rating (one ranking above Poor), it scored well in driver safety measures. The IIHS says the crash test dummy’s “survival space” was maintained well, and risk of injuries to to the legs and feet area was low. The testing organization didn’t speculate on what caused the rollover, but judging by the video, we suspect the Wrangler’s high center of gravity had a hand in the result.

The IIHS also released a video of the JL Wrangler’s 31-mph side impact crash test, where it earned a Good overall evaluation:

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