15 valuable tips to make international flying comfortable & convenient

These points are based on my rich experience of taking around 500 international flights in the last 40 years.

BHPian V.Narayan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Tips to make international flying comfortable and convenient

I’ve been flying internationally since 1982. I don’t know how many international flights I’ve taken but it is some number around 500 + or – 50. This covers 34 odd countries – interestingly all on business except two or three as I simply don’t like going overseas for a vacation.

Over these 40 years, I have had my own time-honed routine of to-dos with regard to long-distance air travel. Sharing them below in no order of importance. These work for me. Each traveller will have his/her own unique needs and style. I would welcome other seasoned flyers to add their own advice to this list.

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