2020 C8 Corvette rear end pic leaks online days before debut

A photo of the rear fascia of the 2020 Corvette surfaced on Facebook over the weekend.

The midengine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, scheduled to be revealed in a matter of days, is slowly leaking out piece by piece, and the latest bit is a photo of the rear fascia that was first published by Corvette Blogger.

Though we can’t confirm it, the photo does look like the real thing based on other glimpses of the spoiler and taillights we’ve seen. But what new details can we glean from this photo?

Interesting design details are just how concave the rear deck lid is and how high the spoiler sits in relation to the roof itself. In this photo, the car is pointed down a bit, but it’s still remarkable just how high the tail will be. The quad pipes were expected, as were the large rear vents, but we didn’t expect the look of the taillights to be so close to that of current Chevy cars. The indented license plate niche appears to play a very prominent role rather than being an afterthought, and you’ll also notice that it’s a unified design created to hold both North American and European format plates.

Overall, the rear fascia is a pretty busy design — there is a lot going on — with a lot of stacked horizontal lines and rhomboid shapes. We count at least six prominent horizontal lines, from the spoiler itself down to the bottom of the rear diffuser.

Just about the only major detail we can’t see here are the prominent side inlets just behind the doors that are thought to be incorporated into the doors to some extent. That design detail is helpfully obscured here by a yellow blur on the right side of the photo. It remains to be seen if the inlets will appear as shown in teaser photos, or if Chevrolet has been hiding their true design all this time with a fake surface of some sort.

We’ll see the C8 Corvette unveiled in the metal in just 10 days, on July 18. And we wouldn’t be surprised if more photos of the exterior leak before now and then, so stay tuned.

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