6-year-old Mahindra XUV500: Ownership experience & 1.36 lakh km update

I’ve taken the SUV all over India and it has been fairly reliable. Overall, so far I’ve had a really good experience with the XUV.

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Changing my original set of tires (Bridgestone duellers in the front) after 6 years and 1,36,000 km. Impressed by the mileage, however, the same tires are not readily available in Bangalore. I had changed the rear tires to Yokohama.

6 years and 1,36,000 km have been a really good experience with the XUV. I have a W6 AT. I wanted to buy an AT 4WD, but somehow in India companies think I need to pay for a sunroof if I want a 4WD AT. It was available only in the top variant, so decided against it.

Otherwise, the car has been fairly reliable. I have taken the car everywhere, all over India, including high altitudes in Sikkim. Only once it had an issue with transmission overheating while climbing up Rohini road in Darjeeling, rest all good. The service center tried to top up AT oil, but couldn’t find any issues as such.

The following were changed:

  • Vacuum modulator twice
  • Front shock absorbers
  • Front and rear brake pads
  • AC fan

I did not change any audio, the stock audio is good enough for me.

Mileage is 9.3ish in Bangalore B2B traffic. Highway mileage is around 12, but I drive Bangalore to Hyderabad Ring Road in 5.5 hours. In Kolkata surprisingly I got the highest city mileage of around 11.

Currently, there is an occasional noise on turning the steering at slow speeds but no issues otherwise. Service centre could not diagnose any issue. Any pointer would be helpful.

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