9 thoughtful features I found on my XUV700 after 6000 km of ownership

Have done multiple trips on the highways which involved ghats. Some journeys were on broken or non-existent roads.

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So far the journey has been blissful! Enjoying every bit of it.

Have done multiple trips on the highways which involved ghats. Some journeys were on broken or non-existent roads. I am very much satisfied with my purchase.

The good part:

  • The mighty engine is never out of breath. Mated with a competent TC gearbox. In most situations, it slots the right gears. Barring occasions when it’s on a downhill slope, where it sticks to lower gear shooting engine RPMs. I generally slot it in manual mode and choose the higher gear to let the car coast comfortably.
  • Suspension is a bit on the softer side which is good. Irons out most of the undulations. However, if you get more ambitious thinking it’s BOF, it scratches its belly when you take really bad digs or undulations at higher speeds. The underbody protection plate is a real boon here.
  • Space for all passengers is excellent. Adults up to 5’4″ sitting in the third row can travel comfortably on longer journeys.
  • On highways, it consistently returns 12+kmpl irrespective of load and speed. If I go easy with my right foot, it returns 14+kmpl. I am hoping this will improve further after the 10,000 km servicing is done.
  • Headlamps are excellent. Throw and illumination is good. I feel confident enough to drive at night.
  • AC chills in no time in all the rows.
  • Love the fact, of how light and effortless steering is which makes manoeuvring easy. Now I find my Figo’s HPS faulty
  • ADAS, Auto lights, and auto wipers work as expected.

The not-so-good part:

  • The paint quality is not up to the mark. I have done ceramic coating. It lacks lustre even after detailing
  • I would have liked more brake bite reducing the stopping distance
  • I wish it had more luggage space with three rows up
  • No auto-dimming IRVM, full-size spare, 12v socket at the front, telescopic steering column
  • I would have loved to have sports mode which would make engine responses sharper and suspension firmer
  • Mahindra should make available retrofitting of luxury variant features like 360 camera, motorised handles, inbuilt dashcam, EPB etc.
  • The sunroof opens only upto 50% of its length
  • Alexa doesn’t work most of the time, plagued by erratic Vi network and related software integration issues
  • You can switch off the engine only when the gear lever is in the Park mode

Thoughtful features:

I have purchased the tyre inflator. It is very handy and comes with excellent packaging. It comes with its own light, which can flash as strobe light too.

Works just fine. It needs to be powered by a 12v socket in the third row. With the given chord length, filling in the passenger side front wheel is tricky. The air valve needs to be at the nearest position for this wheel. For the rest, it works just fine. TPMS always shows 1psi less than what you see on the inflator display.

Apart from Alexa niggles, no issues, no rattles

No infamous suspension noise or football in the trunk noise. Touchwood.

Stock MRFs are good enough for most road conditions. Happy to answer queries if any!

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