BMW X3 M40i: 10 key takeaways after 2 years of ownership

X3 M40i is a true combination of a sporty & functional compact SUV.

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It just feels like yesterday, when I was in Boston (December 2020) and we had driven down to New Hampshire’s BMW Dealership (Tully) to look for a car for my niece and I ended up test driving the X3M40i and falling utterly and helplessly in love and buying this car when I was not even in the market for a new car.

I had never even heard about this variant and especially the explosive B-58 Engine. I bought it within 2 weeks and fondly remember customizing it and then flying from Detroit to Washington D.C to pick up the car and driving back in snowing conditions. Whew !!

Can’t believe that 2-years have passed by so quickly.

24,000 miles (actually, I am a tad shy as Tesla has taken over my life. LOL!) and just nothing to complain. Sorry, if it’s a boring 2-year old feedback report. But, it’s plain and hard truth.

My quick take-away after owning this car for 2-years.

  • Engine– This is the first thing that comes to mind. Raw, Noisy and Best Sounding Engine from the BMW Line-Up. Period !
  • Performance– Insanely fast when you want it (Sports+) and becomes timid (EcoPro) when you are in the mood to relax
  • Engine Note– Sorry, if I’m harping on the engine note. This deep realization can be found only when you sit-in/drive/own a B58 engine. It’s pure music to the ears of an automotive enthusiast. Especially, it’s raspy metallic exhaust note. And, boy’o boy when you do a hard braking when in SPORTS+ mode, the gurgles, spurts and backfires can be compared to my most favorite music (Pink Floyd). Pure Bliss.
  • Ride & Handling– It rides superb and there is no discomfort in any road condition and handling is “almost” like a sedan. But, after driving the M3P, handling feels a bit SUV’ish.
  • Brakes– They are as grippy and strong as it was on Day 1. I like the feel and stopping power more than the Tesla.
  • Tires– Stock and with zero punctures till date. Touchwood !!
  • Cargo Space– X3 M40i is a true combination of a sporty & functional compact SUV. It has loads of space at the back (especially with rear seats down) and has been used to move furniture/bicycle/gym equipment/car full of groceries etc. from one location to another.
  • Music System– Harman Kardon is pretty good. But, it just pales in front of the Tesla which is probably the best music system in any car under $100K here in US.
  • Cost of Ownership– Finally, this is the best part. I have spent $0 till date to own this vehicle. Kudos to BMW for giving this wonderful experience. I would buy another BMW at the blink of an eye going by this experience.

Summary– It’s been a fantastic 2-year ownership and hope to enjoy this beast for a few years more.

When I get bored or down, I re-listen to this sound on headphones a few times. It just uplifts my mood.

BMW X3 M40i exhaust note video

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