Bought a preowned BMW 118d: Need advice on preventive maintenance

The papers of the car are clean and it will arrive in Bangalore shortly. I tried to get a service history from BMW website, but was unsuccessful

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Hello T-BHP’ians,

I bought a used 2014 BMW 118d last week. The ODO on the car is about 36,165 kms(not sure if I can trust it). Its a single owner owned car, DD registered(to be re-registered in KA) and I believe I got a good deal considering that there were only about six 118d’s available in the used car market all India. There was just one 2nd owner owned 2013 petrol 116i available in Bangalore(KA registered) and the asking price was a whopping 59% more than what I got for the DD registered 2014 single owner owned diesel 118d.

Anyhow, since I never wanted the petrol, the 116i was never considered.

The papers of the car are clean and it will arrive in Bangalore shortly. I tried to get a service history from BMW website, but was unsuccessful, and I could not visit any BMW service center with the car due to shortage of time and other factors, though the dealer was very happy to hand it over to me for a complete check with BMW.

As soon as the car arrives in Bangalore(expecting it on 05/02/23), the first thing I want to do is get a complete service done on the car from an authorized BMW service center.

I request advise/suggestions from fellow TBHP members about the things that need to be checked and replaced and importantly which service center I can rely on in Bangalore. My experience with BMW cars is nil.

My initial observation from about a 10 kms test drive that I did are as follows:

  • There was no black/blue smoke from the exhaust.
  • Dint find any under body oil leakages.
  • On the test drive, the car dint seem to be like a 150 BHP car. My 2017 100 BHP Figo TDCi feels more powerful.
  • The suspension made some thud-thud noises on un-asphalted roads, none on the highway.
  • The steering was slightly wobbly, probably due to the worn out run-flat tyres.
  • The AC was working fine.
  • I could feel the gear shifts from the 8 speed ziptronic auto gearbox. The gears were holding on for a longer time, probably I was driving in sports mode.
  • The engine noise was a bit gruff when cold started. Compared it with a relatively newer model 320d and found it be slightly on the louder side.
  • The brakes were OK but not sharp.
  • The body line and interiors are neat. I believe its an accident free car.
  • Its the base variant.

Any advice from fellow members is highly appreciated.

Here’s what BHPian deehunk had to say o the matter:

Please post the photos/short video of your car, we can tell you the actual value or odometer reading of this car. Meanwhile, you can also call any insurance guy for a quote, he too will tell you the actual condition of the vehicle.

Here’s what BHPian shankar.balan had to say on the matter:

Kumar this is a wonderful car. Its a rare bird! Congratulations!

If you wish, I can take you to a first class FNG for servicing and stuff. I get my Cooper done there only, preferring it vastly to BMW. But I buy only genuine BMW parts.

Of course if you want to get an inspection and history printout of the car from BMW Navnit they will charge 5000 odd Rupees.

Let me know if you want to consider the FNG and if you want any help with the car.


Here’s what BHPian FNM had to say on the matter:

Congratulations. The 118d is a gem to drive. Judging from your observations, I would definitely suggest you get it thoroughly checked by Navnit Motors and get a detailed report. After that get it serviced/fixed by a competent FNG kindly recommend by @shankar.balan.

Do keep us updated on your progress. Best wishes!

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