Build or Buy: MK2 Rallye Golf (Act Fast!)

For, many enthusiasts, there’s nothing greater than the second-gen Golf. And the pinnacle of MK2 model madness is the Rallye Golf. With a G60 supercharged engine, manual transmission, and Syncro four-wheel-drive, this box-flared monster tore up the street. Volkswagen execs considered bringing it to North America, but its chief champion, VWoA CEO James Fuller died when the plane he was on crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland due to a terrorist bomb. So while we didn’t get this amazing little car, you can build one yourself. Or if you’re not the DIY-type, you can just buy a Rallye Golf built.

Argument: Build
Article: 1987 GTI 16V

If you’re going to build your own Rallye Golf, you gotta start with a solid base. And here’s a very solid candidate: an ’87 16V. Now some of you might wince at a using a restorable MK2 GTI as a base for a Rallye Golf, but hear us out: it’s only $600. If you need funds for all the go-fast bits and box flares, you might as well get the best car you can for the lowest amount of money.

This GTI needs bodywork, it’s not running, and the interior is virtually non-existent. But again, it’s only $600. Check out the very brief ad on for more information. This GTI is in Lakeland, Florida.

Argument: Buy
Article: 1990 Rallye Golf Recreation

Ok, ok; this is not a real Rallye. Yes, it is a “recreation” as the seller states. This 1990 Golf takes some of the main elements of the Rallye Golf, but with a bit of a twist.

First, you won’t find a supercharged engine under the hood. Instead, there’s a much more entertaining 2.8-liter VR6 unit connected to a Corrado 5-speed transmission. And you row through a CAE shifter with ultra-quick, precise throws. Second, there’s no all-wheel-drive. Sorry; all that power goes to the front wheels. Third, those are metal box-flares. No cheap and wavy fiberglass here. And finally, there are power Recaro seats covered in Alcantara.

There’s much much more in the eBay ad. But the big thing with this car is you need to act fast: bidding ends around 2 pm on Monday. The car is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The current bid is $12,300 and the reserve has not been met.

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