Car Clock of the Week: Buick LeSabre Analog

A couple of years back, we admired an attractive silver-faced quartz analog clock that I yanked from the dash of a classy 1979 Buick LeSabre in Colorado. Thanks to some junkyard exploring I did in Phoenix prior to the Arizona 24 Hours of Lemons race last month, I ran across a slightly newer LeSabre with an interesting variation of this clock.

This car looked extremely beat, so I didn’t feel much optimism for the prospect of finding a nice clock— or maybe the super-rare GM 8-track/CB-radio combo unit— inside.

When you see this sort of thing on a junkyard car, you figure there won’t be a clock inside.

However, whoever gutted the interior left the clock dangling from its harness.

Try to visualize the glory of this once-luxurious car’s interior when it was new, not the way it looks now.

Naturally, I invested five bucks in this clock and took it home with me. When I hooked it up to 12 volts DC, it worked perfectly. A welcome addition to my collection, though it’s identical to the 1979 version in all but face color.

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