Chevrolet Performance Preps for Hot Rod Power Tour Just Like Everyone Else.

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The 25th Hot Rod Power Tour is upon us and it wouldn’t be the iron circus it is without a good ‘ol fashioned thrash to make sure your ride of choice will not only be fun but survive. Even the shortest leg of Power Tour can pose a challenge for any vehicle; the heat, lots of idling, A/C blasting, tunes blaring, burnouts, autocross, and passes on the drag strip are all balloons full of chaos just waiting to burst throughout the week. But hey, it’s all part of the adventure, and what’s an adventure without a little risk.

The folks at Chevrolet Performance know a thing or two about making fast cars reliable, even when it comes to their classic icons coming on the tour. Plus, to keep fellow long haulers and brief visitors on the road, the Motor Medic is returning yet again to help keep the good times rolling. “Chevrolet Performance also spends quite a bit of time packing our Motor Medic Silverado and Tech Trailer to support all the participants on Hot Rod Power Tour,” said Rich Downing, Program Manager/Engineer for Specialty Show Vehicles and Pace Cars for Chevrolet Performance. To doesn’t even matter what make your repping, if you break, these legends will help you out. We shot a few questions Rich’s way last week, who gave us some insider info on what the pros do before Power Tour and to find out some of the unique rides cruising with us.



HR: Describe the general procedure for shaking down the fleet of cars for Power Tour.

Our show cars generally live a protected life, traveling from place to place in transporters.  For HRPT though, they are driven on the road just like our fellow enthusiasts. This year we are taking 11 different vehicles. To ensure safety and reliability, we complete a thorough 7-page inspection process on each one, ranging from simple fluid checks to functional driving checks.  Then, we complete 150-200 miles at our Milford Proving Grounds facility, in varying driving conditions, to make sure they perform as well.  Safety is paramount for all of us at General Motors.


HR: Of all the things that can could go wrong with a car, what is the one thing that could end the tour for a vehicle?

Any number of things could sideline a car for good, that is why the inspection process and verification mileage is so important.  Any vehicle relies on all of its systems to work in sync, so a failure of any one system (brake, fuel, cooling, driveline, etc.) could potentially end your trip.


HR: Are you bringing any spare parts just in case?

For the production-based vehicles, we do not pack spare parts. For our classic Crate Engine showcase cars though, we make sure they each have an appropriate spare tire, belts, and any other parts that may be difficult to find on the road.


HR: What are the most unique cars in the fleet and are there any extra precautions taken for them?

This year, we are bringing our latest Crate Engine showcase car, a 1973 Laguna, with a 755hp LT5. We unveiled this vehicle at the 2018 SEMA Show with the launch of our LT5 Crate Engine. This is an extremely powerful vehicle without electronic braking or stability assist, so our primary precaution is to make sure it is only driven by team members certified through GM’s performance vehicle control training.


HR: What is the most fun car to drive?

We are Chevrolet Performance and performance means many things to many people, which is why we bring a variety of Performance vehicles each year that connect with everyone. Looking at our HRPT line-up though, there are only two under 420hp, one of which is the ZR2 that is just a blast to drive off-road.  They are all absolutely fun to drive for different reasons, but as the team leader for the Crate Engine showcase cars, my favorite has to be our 67 C10.  This truck is such a simple and relatable build that reminds me of all the C10’s my family has owned over the years. It accelerates hard with a fuel injected 420hp small block and the four-speed overdrive transmission makes it cruise even better.


Two of the vehicles attending the event are a1973 Chevy Laguna packing the monstrous 6.2L, supercharged LT5 crate engine as well as a gorgeous 1967 C-10 with the 5.7L, turnkey ZZ6 crate engine with EFI.

FAQs and more information about the 25th anniversary event.

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