Coating the under-chassis of my Force Gurkha for rust protection

The original coating that the company has provided is good but some corners have been left out.

BHPian PhantomLord recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Underchassis coat used by Force Motors is good, but coating is missing from some corners, it would be ideal to get the coating material from Force Motors if possible and use it to re-coat. Also, paint holes are not closed + cross tunnels not sealed (which I guess most manufacturers skip these days).

Sample undercoat missing in some areas


Use cavity wax coating in all under-body cross tunnels via paint holes.

Not my Gurkha (I did not take pictures) process is essentially the same, insert a cavity wax wand through each paint hole and lay the ripple. Long cross tunnel near transmission did not have a painted hole so had to drill one.

Close the paint holes with rubber caps and seal tunnels as shown in G assembly video.

Skip to 3:30 for sealing, closing ports and under chassis protection

Overcoat with Force undercoat if you can source it or 3M underseal should do.

G500 under chassis, you can see under chassis is fully sealed.

This G went Full Monty

Check here for more of Wax Em All, it mostly covers what you need to do.

Note: TimMAX 300 Wax resembles tuf-kote 3852 PENETRANT available locally, this could have been a good alternative to 3M cavity wax, even 3M cavity wax wand is a direct fit on tuf-kote aerosol CAN, but it does not generate enough pressure resulting in poor coverage/reachability. 3852 is available in paint cans, best/economical way would be to spay 3852 to cover the major area and then use 3M for unreachable areas else you will need at least 10 3M CANS.

Since I do not have under chassis picture, you can take this rear fender area as an example, unlike the front, the rear fender cover in Gurkha is skirt only (open at the top), dirt, salt etc can collect in these cross tunnels increasing chances of corrosion.

No pits + No holes = No dirt, rear fender sealing to keep dirt and corrosion out, this was repeated under chassis.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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