Completed 3500 km on my Citroen C3: Few niggles but impressive package

The car is giving a steady fuel efficiency of 15-15.5 km/l in the city and around 16-18 km/l on the highway runs.

BHPian Wiley Coyote recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi, I took the delivery of one of the first C3 Turbos in the south of Kerala (Cochin showroom) and to date have clocked about 3500kms.

The car has done a few highway runs, a trip to Coorg via the ghats and a couple of trips through the estate. Overall it’s been a pleasant drive and yes as stated by most in this thread a sensational suspension setup that eats potholes and bad patches like no other.

The performance has been exceptional although you feel a little apprehensive about taking it aggressively around the corners as the brakes aren’t confidence-inspiring, but for an easy drive, it does the job well. That’s in the mountains. On the plains it’s smooth. Overtakes come easy and you get the requisite power with just a tap on the accelerator.

All said and done, it’s a pretty impressive package with a few niggles that need sorting.

Do any of the other Turbo owners face these issues?

  • Water being splashed out of the top corner of the top DRL and the bumper joint. Citroen says they are looking into it. Hopefully, there will be a solution.
  • Driver side wiper bottom part just smudges the water instead of cleaning. Been through three sets of wipers still no solution. Now on the fourth hopefully it’s just a wiper issue as communicated by the service center manager.
  • Comes with just one reverse light that’s hardly brighter than a candle making it absolutely useless when driven through a good distance in the rain or in really poorly lit conditions. Has anyone managed to fix another bulb in the right tail light reverse bulb slot? Would love to hear how you had fixed the issue. Hopefully, the reverse camera ordered will be delivered soon, it’s one way to solve the issue but still would be an issue in dark areas post a wet drive.
  • DRL fogging up. Citroen says that if the mist goes away when the car is on for 20 minutes it’s okay. At times this is beyond 20 minutes but when taken to the service center it’s under 20 minutes.
  • Entertainment system hangs a bit too frequently. Switch off the car for a few hours and it returns to normal. Has happened a few times, with both Android and CarPlay connected.
  • The horn of the car needs a little more volume as the current OEM one is hardly heard over the roar of the city, that’s Cochin, wonder what it would be like in a more busy city?

Barring the above, till date no mechanical issues.

The car is giving a steady 15-15.5 kmpl in the city and around 16-18 on the highway runs. An enthusiastic drive on one of the highway drives returned a 13 kmpl figure, but you need to put up with the constant beeps that the new regulation apparently has made mandatory.

Has anyone upsized their tyre to the next digit or fixed other alloys on their turbo? Read a few comments saying that an upsize would plant the car firmer on the tarmac. If not an upsize has anyone upgraded to an alloy that is not from Citroen as the designs they have aren’t very appealing?

Here’s what BHPian skpprabhu had to say about the matter:

I also own a C3 Turbo and would like to comment on the issues.

Water being splashed out of the top corner of the top DRL and the bumper joint – This is a common issue with C3 and doesn’t look major, there should be an easy fix from Citroen. I have fixed the engine guard which closes some open areas, but I don’t know if this will solve this issue, need to check.

Driver side wiper bottom part just smudges the water instead of cleaning – I don’t see this issue and I have not seen this issue with other owners as well might be a specific issue.

Only one reverse light – Standard feature/cost cutting but it is common.4. DRL fogging up – Not faced this issue.

Entertainment system hangs a bit too frequently – I don’t see this issue, some times my Android Auto would disconnect and connect back within seconds but never hung. Software upgrade might help just check with SC.

Horn volume is low – For me, if feels fine, you might need an upgrade based on your usage.

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