Day Four of the United Pacific Week to Wicked Presented by Classic Performance Products

I guess it would be safe to say that here on Day Four of the United Pacific Week to Wicked presented by Classic Performance Products, things are motoring along! And while it’s nearing quitting time for the average 9-to-5’er (in Pacific Standard Time terms), the crew’s not calling it quits today till the C10’s small-block gets her first successful mixture of spark, fuel, and air.

As noted over the last couple days, the ’71 Chevy has been “non-LS” retrofit with a good-‘ol 350 small-block courtesy Gandrud Chevrolet. A ZZ6 to be more specific, our mild-mannered 9.7:1 compression SBC features a cast 4-bolt main block with a forged crank, roller cam, and fast-burn 62cc aluminum heads. In place of a traditional single four-barrel, however, we’ve not only chosen to go the throttle-body EFI route, but the dual-quad throttle-body EFI route in the form of Holley’s yet-to-be-released Sniper EFI with their HyperSpark ignition system. Along with that, they also supplied the project with a Hooker Blackheart full-length header and C10-specific exhaust kit, and an EFI-tailored Frostbite radiator with integrated cooling fan setup.

The transmission for our C10 came directly from Gearstar Performance custom-built specifically for its drivetrain characteristics. A 700-R4 in super high-performance form, it features their new line of Yank custom-stalled, balanced, and computer-welded billet torque converters—of which, each is individually dyno tested. Come deadline time, that ought to prove quite beneficial for the ensuing burnouts!

Now, once we get our custom-built driveshaft from OC Driveline, that combined 400-plus horsepower will be aptly handled by the Strange Engineering ’67-72 C10 bolt-in 9-inch installed on Day One. With 31-spline alloy axles, their proprietary S-Series Trac-Lock Posi 9-inch center section, and aluminum pinion support, the four-speed overdrive won’t have to sweat winding out on the freeway—nor sacrifice any off-the-line acceleration. It’s the perfect complement to any C10 when it comes to performance as well as ease of installation.

We still have the remainder of Day Four before we enter the final 24 hours of the United Pacific Week to Wicked presented by Classic Trucks—stay tuned!

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