East Coast Highway (LPT1) Temerloh-Lanchang still closed to traffic – alternative route is a detour to N9 – paultan.org

The East Coast Highway (LPT1), the main connection between the east and west coasts of Peninsular Malaysia, is still flooded at the Temerloh-Lanchang stretch in both directions. With water levels high between KM 113 and KM 115, the LPT1 is not passable to traffic there.

According to LPT1 operator Anih Berhad in its status update this morning, the flood situation between Lanchang to Karak (KM 84.6) has improved somewhat and the westbound lanes to KL has been open since 9am yesterday. However, the eastbound lanes to Kuantan are still closed to traffic.

With the E8 partially closed, the LLM has suggested alternative routes that involve detours. For those travelling from KL to Kuantan, you can turn off the highway at Karak heading towards Simpang Pertang in Negeri Sembilan. After that winding Route 9 stretch, head towards Muadzam Shah and onwards to the Gambang toll.

If you’re from the east coast heading back to KL, you will need to head south to Muadzam Shah before crossing to Bahau in N9, Kuala Pilah and finally Seremban. This U-shaped detour passes by Route 11. In better weather, these detours wouldn’t be such a bad thing for car guys, but if you have the family in tow, please stay calm and drive safe. Stop for coffee at the small towns to stay fresh.

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