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Somebody must win that £184m tomorrow, and there are a dozen SF90s on PH to choose from…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, October 14, 2021 / Loading comments

With a new 2,000hp hypercar announced seemingly every month, it can be easy to forget how much the current Ferrari range has achieved. Once initial launch hysteria has died down, attention – fairly or otherwise – tends to move onto the next thing. Or, in the case of Ferrari, the forthcoming SUV. But think about some of the cars from the last few years: the 812 Superfast probably had the best V12 engine and dual-clutch gearbox ever, the F8 Tributo has essentially put the 488 Pista experience into wider production, and the GTC4 Lusso proved even four-seat Ferraris can have a wild side.

Then there’s the SF90 Stradale – remember that? With Lamborghini’s hybrid strategy not extending any further than a few playthings for millionaires and McLaren’s Artura only just about to launch, Maranello really stole a march on its rivals. A 1,000hp march, don’t forget, with the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 and three electric motors combining to staggering effect. Launching in 2020 inevitably softened its impact somewhat, but nothing should lessen the Stradale’s significance. Just eight years after the LaFerrari the SF90 is half the price, with more power, plug-in capability, all-wheel drive and 15 miles of EV range.

This is a series production Ferrari, too, or at least as series production as these cars can ever be. In theory, there would be nothing to stop someone with £376,048 (plus the options spend) walking into a dealer tomorrow and placing their order for a 1,000hp Ferrari. No special favours or dodgy deals; a long wait, yes, but that still seems an amazing possibility.

Still, why wait for an SF90 when your £400,000 could get one right now? There are 12 of them for sale on PH currently, a surprisingly high amount (there are 16 GTC4 Lussos) given the price and newness. It means plenty of choice, at least. There are SF90s with the £40k Assetto Fiorano pack, cars already wrapped with gold Vossen wheels, moody black ones with carbon wheels, and your regular Rosso Corsa Ferraris as well.

Then there’s this one. To all intents and purpose, it’s similar to the other SF90 Stradales – Scuderia wing badges, forged wheels, carbon dash insert – but it’s also very different as well. Because this Ferrari has already done 7,000 miles since last year. Not only the highest mileage SF90 by a margin, it’s one of the highest mileage 2020 Ferraris in the classifieds, with only a couple of Portofinos used more.

With just one owner shown, and a familiar private plate in the records, it was almost certainly a dealer demonstrator – but that’s still a remarkable tally given the car in question and the kind of year 2020 was; there can’t have been too many queuing up for a spin around the block 12 months ago. Whatever the story, it’s happened, and it means there’s a healthy saving to be had. A red SF90 from a Ferrari dealer with fewer than 1,000 miles is £475,000; this one is £399,000. However deep your pockets, that must be a worthwhile saving.

It’s hardly like modern Ferrari can’t stand the use either – this 488 has almost 30,000 miles on it and this FF nearly 40k, unheard of numbers not so long ago. With such a busy start in life the next owner need not be concerned with racking up miles in their secondhand SF90, which would be very hard to refuse, particularly with the three-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Whatever other cars are in the garage, nothing really quite hits like 1,000hp. There won’t be another that can pop to the shops in silence, either…


Engine: 3,990cc, twin-turbocharged V8 with three electric motors
Transmission: 8-speed twin-clutch, all-wheel drive through electric front axle
Power (hp): [email protected] (plus 217hp electric)
Torque (lb ft): [email protected] (petrol)
Year registered: 2020
Recorded mileage: 7,000
Price new: £376,048 (before options)
Yours for: £399,000

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