Few updates on my 5th-gen Honda City after 3 months of ownership

The fuel efficiency of the car in city driving conditions with the AC on has been 14-15 km/l.

BHPian divirokr recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Some updates after 3 months

The road trip

I decided to take the City out for its 2nd road trip to Kasauli which included a highway drive from Ghaziabad to Chandigarh and then after some kilometers, a beautiful hilly ride to Kasauli which is one of the best hilly terrain highways I have ever witnessed.

What I loved

The first thing which I noticed was the mileage. Till Chandigarh, with a comfortable cruising speed of ~90 kmph which was also the speed limit once the city was crossed, City gave an astounding mileage of ~18 kmpl (even though the dashboard showed 19, it’s mostly 1 kmpl less than that as per my observation). Towards the hilly part of the drive, it fell to ~15 but in the overall journey (Ghaziabad – Kasauli – Ghaziabad), it remained upwards of 16 kmpl which is fantastic for a car of this class. I also pushed it for the first time and the sweet sound of the engine at 6000+ rpm put a huge smile on my face.

What could have been better

The softer ride does show its downsides on the highway where the car feels less planted on undulated roads as well as on the bad patches which were very few in this journey.

I also remember a particular stretch in the Chandigarh – Shimla highway where there were speed-breakers just before some turns. In one such turn, I applied brakes a bit late and ended up going through the rumble strip at a higher than desirable speed, and for a moment the car kind of lost control and drifted towards the divider as I approached the turn but thankfully I got it back under control. I am not sure if it was the soft suspension combined with 185 section tires or just because of the speed at which I approached the rumble strip which caused it.

General experience

The mileage in city drive has also improved to 14-15 kmpl with AC in the peak Delhi summer. The 6-speed manual gearbox is a boon and I tend to drive comfortably in the 6th gear at 60 kmph and rarely use the 5th gear.

AC works really well and has passed the test of facing the peak Delhi heat so I am sure it will exceed expectations anywhere in India.

People still can’t believe that it’s a base variant with the kind of features it offers for the price and I continue to see the amazed faces of people.

Sealant job for paint protection

To maintain the shine of the original car paint, I decided to go for a ceramic-based sealant polishing from a nearby car detailer for INR 6k getting rid of all the swirl marks. I also decided to take the car cleaning into my own hands and now use my Jopasu duster more frequently to clean the minor dust. On a weekly basis, I use a waterless car wash to clean the car properly and maintain the shine. Here are the pics right after the sealant job was done.

As per the detailing guy, this polish can last for up to a year if maintained properly. Apart from this, I also read posts on various threads on how to maintain the car’s shine which has been extremely useful.

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