Food delivery riders list out their five demands to Grab –

Last Friday, a number of food delivery – or p-hailing – riders in the Klang Valley were reported to have gone on a 24-hour nationwide strike to protest against what they claimed was unfair compensation paid to riders. Later that day, a team of riders representing the interests of the group delivered a memorandum to Grab Malaysia, in which five demands were listed.

As reported by the New Straits Times, the demands were for Grab to re-evaluate and increase the fare price paid to the riders according to the distance from the pickup place to the delivery address as well as for the ride-sharing company to reinstate the bonus system, which allowed riders to make more money according to trips and targets.

Additionally, riders were also asking for Grab to do away with a timetable or schedule system, which benefitted only full-time riders, and to abolish the rider account barring and cash system feaures in place currently

One of the riders representing the group, Mohd Firdaus Abdul Hamid, said the five demands were crucial for them to earn an income, given the high cost of living conditions. He said the first demand to increase fare prices according to the distance travelled would ensure fair compensation.

“For instance, we get the first order for RM5 and if suddenly a second order enters for the same area, we are only paid RM4 instead of RM5. This is not fair to us. Where is the original fare they promised us?”

As for the schedule system, he said it prioritises and benefits only full-time riders.”Some riders who are signed on for part-time will not receive many orders. They become sidelined and are less likely to get any order,” he said after handing over the memorandum.

Another rider, Zulkifli Abdullah, added that the group of p-hailing riders also want Grab to do away with the rider account barring system. He said when riders cancel an order or a few orders, the company does not allow them an opportunity to give their reasons for doing so. “Instead, they immediately bar us. This is not fair because once an account is barred it could last two days or even up to even two months,” he said.

He added that riders were also unhappy with the cash system introduced by the company. “We want them to discontinue the cash system, because many of us have had to wait for months for reimbursement. In some worst cases, we have gotten cheated, duped and scammed,” he said.

The group claimed that previous complaints to the respective delivery companies and the human resources ministry had seen no changes, and they were left with no choice but to go on strike to highlight their woes.

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