Ford Doubling Discounts On Factory Orders To Ease The Long Wait

The company is offering a $1,000 incentive between now and June 6.

The global chip shortage is putting a strain on auto manufacturing, so much so that some companies have had to halt production lines entirely. Back in March, Honda stopped production across the US and Canada for an entire week. GM did the same, but extended its shutdown for nearly a month in a number of different locations. Ford followed suit in May, stopping production at its Ranger and Bronco facility in Michigan.

But the Blue Oval, at least, is taking steps to assure that potential customers don’t walk away entirely due to lack of product. In an effort to accommodate for its limited vehicle stock, Ford is rolling out a new incentive program that literally pays customers to wait.

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CarsDirect reports that Ford will offer a $1,000 Retail Order Bonus Cash Certificate to shoppers in the market for a new vehicle from the brand. That’s double the amount that Ford previously offered via the Retail Order Incentive Program, and coincides with $250 in dealer cash Ford is giving dealers on certain models between now and the end of June.

Ford’s $1,000 incentive applies to orders placed between now and July 6, says the report, but is also good retroactively on orders placed on or after April 1, 2021. But this deal only applies to specific vehicles; we know that the F-150 and Bronco Sport are eligible, but the Mustang Mach-E and upcoming Bronco are not.

If you are willing to wait and cash in on that $1,000 incentive, you could get a screaming deal on a new 2021 F-150 pickup or Bronco Sport SUV. The F-150 starts at $28,940 for the base XL model, while the baby Bronco asks just $26,820 before any potential discounts.



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