Forum Friday: Surf'n Vermont VR6

What do you need to make a great story? A charming main character? An epic journey? An obstacle to overcome? Monkeys? Today’s Forum Friday highlights a thread that has all that and more. And it starts with one man’s love of a specific Volkswagen paint color.

Before we get started, this story has multiple rabbit holes to go down. You see, way back in 2013, VWvortex member LGN7 bought this 1995 Golf Sport from Vortex member Cathay Pacific through a Vortex classified ad. And Cathay Pacific bought it from Vortex member PineappleGTI: there’s a lot of forum history in this little teal hatch. Have we mentioned LG7N isn’t just the owner’s username, it’s also the color code for Surf Green, which is, of course, the stunning color of his Golf?

Back to the story: After negotiating the deal, LG7N had the non-running car transported from California to Vermont. The Surf Green Golf was in rough shape after having been through 6 previous owners. And at one point it had a raised suspension and was going to be a rally car. Despite being rust-free, the car needed a lot of work.

LG7N parked the car at his parent’s house and got to work. Well, he got to work after driving the 100+ mile drive every weekend from his house to his parents’. He pulled parts at local junkyards to learn how these cars are put together, and read a lot in the MK3 forums here.

We won’t spoil the story, but through lots of trial and error, and lots of other project cars, and through multiple moves and a wedding, LG7N has one show-stopping Surf Green VR6 Golf. And it all started from seeing photos on in our forums of a little metallic green hatchback on the other side of the country.

Take a look at LG7N’s thread; it’s a great story. Prepare yourself to lose a better part of your day reading it: it’s an addictive 33 pages!

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