Found paint defects on my brand new car during delivery: Now what?

On the day of delivery, I found faded paint marks on the bonnet at several places.

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I am looking for your help and suggestions to the problem I am currently facing regarding the delivery of my car.

I had booked a car and recently done its PDI (10 days ago). Unfortunately, the car was covered in mud and bird poop during the PDI so I could not inspect the paint quality. I could only check the interiors and its functioning. I raised the issue to the sales guy about the paint but I was consoled that there would be no issue. Verbal promises were made. (Big mistake even after being warned so may times on this forum). Since, the delivery was promised before Diwali, I went weak and agreed to move ahead since there was no functional issue with the car.

I made a down payment with 90% of the car’s on road price as per the demand of the dealer. The rest 10% was supposed to be paid on delivery.

On the day of delivery before Diwali, when I went for delivery with my family, I found faded paint marks on the bonnet at several places. The marks appeared only when car was under bright light. They seemed to disappear when the car was in shade. I don’t know if those spots are due to after effect of bird poop or bad paint job. Since, I am not an expert in car paint, I would like to know opinion from people on this forum whether this is a serious issue or not?

Currently, I have deferred the delivery. The dealer is promising remedy for it like getting it polished again with machine to make those spots go away. Will this be a temporary solution or a permanent one?

I have not signed on any papers except for the booking. Although, the dealer has registered the car in my name by using my aadhar OTP (received on phone) which I was asked to share.

I have asked the dealer to issue me a new/fresh car without any paint defects but the dealer is refusing to go that path since he says that the current car is already registered to me.

What are my options now? Any possible remedies/possible solutions to the above issue are welcome.

Here’s what BHPian IshaanIan had to say on the matter:

Bird poop is slightly acidic and if left on the car to cake up, it can cause stains on the paint like the ones you have described. I would not be comfortable paying 100% of the cost for what is supposed to be a brand new car but does not look like it. If you have only paid the booking amount, and they won’t replace the car, then don’t bother because factory finish is factory finish and no amount of jugaad at the dealerships end will be able to rectify that. Just forget the booking amount and go for another car from a different dealership and simply chalk it up to a lesson learnt. If you have paid more than just the booking amount then perhaps negotiate a significant discount like atleast 10%. I have honestly never been in such a sticky situation with a car dealer so I cannot comment based on experience, but this is what I would do if I found myself in such a situation.

Here’s what BHPian anjan_c2007 had to say on the matter:

As rightly said by Ishaanian, bird poop when left unremoved on the painted surface for a long time, is harmful to the paintwork. The one or more portions where the droppings rest get faded and look different than the rest of the painted surface. Generally, these form small island like spaces that are of some lighter shade than the unaffected surface.

It seems you have paid the dealer, 90% of the on road price for your car. Its OK that you have not as yet taken delivery. However, any amount assurances by the dealer to polish etc won’t get you back the factory like finished surface.

Since you have avoided mentioning the make and model of the car and the dealer’s name, it would be only guesswork as to how the car maker will respond. But please agitate the matter by submitting relevant documents, with the head office and regional plus local office of your car maker, seeking a new car as a replacement. After all, you were in no way accountable for the fading paint work, and which was solely the dealer’s responsibility.

Here’s what BHPian UD17 had to say on the matter:

Options in your hands are scarcely limited. The car is already registered in your name, so very little can be done now, to get you a new car.

I would suggest, negotiate hard with the dealership so that you get a good deal for the not so good painted surfaces. Get the car fully polished by dealership. But reality is, although present, these paint spots will not be perceptible after few days (i am assuming these are some intermittent bird poop and not covering full car).

Once my society building was getting painted, the flying paint droplets attracted to my car and showered its love all over car’s left doors and left side roof. I got it detailed at 3M (12K hit- reimbursed by society), there are still few smaller island type spots around the roof if i see very carefully, but to the average joe these spots are not perceivable.

Here’s what BHPian ajayc123 had to say on the matter:

It is a good battle to fight as you are paying for a new car, and you may squeeze out something.

But the real battle ends right after taking the delivery. Before you know, some stray animal/bird, some neighbourhood kid, driving incident, or some unknown incident in public parking would result in all kinds of marks, sooner than later. At least, I have failed to keep my new car scratch / mark free more than a month. I have given up on such matters long long back.

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