Full-body PPF on my new XUV700: Price, process & warranty details

It took 4 days to complete the full PPF application, with me visiting daily to see the process.

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Hello everyone there,

This is the continuation of my previous post about the purchase of the XUV700 and the issues I faced with the dealer.

So after the purchase, through various and thorough research I was able to shortlist the 3 detailers in Lucknow who were well known for their PPF application, even though there are numerous applicators in Lucknow itself.

The three I shortlisted were:

All three had their own set of brands with Always Dry providing Llumar and Garware and Exotic had Magnuspro and lastly, DetailingDevil had their own DragonSheild.

I went ahead with AlwaysDry as they were providing Garware too and it is now a well-known brand in the PPF market it was suitable for the budget as both the others gave the quotation of Rs 1.50 lakhs + GST for the full body with 5 years of warranty. I finalized on the Garware Premium which cost me Rs 1.10 lakhs for the full body and complementary service the AlwaysDry offered me where they ceramic quoted all the glass panels and alloys of the car and most importantly how the owner and the staff behaved with their clients, it was like you are at home and they were willing to solve any query you have and you can ask even the dumbest question and they won’t be having any issues answering that.

Since this was my first time getting my car PPF’ed, I went all 4 days, the time it took them to complete the car with everything, to personally check and see myself.

Attached below are some pics of the car during the entire process.

Initially, they masked off the entire car and got it ready for the paint correction. Though it was very much new so there wasn’t much of the paint to be corrected apart from some minor swirl marks that had come.

They did an absolutely fantastic job at this and now can’t wait to travel with it.

Thanks, everyone. That’s all for now.

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