Holy Hell They've Done It: Photos of Arteon Shooting Brake Emerge

The Arteon will get a shooting brake edition in China and the car will be called the CC Travel Edition, according to Chinese outlets.

Photos of the car leaked and have appeared on social media. The look isn’t exactly surprising, but we always expected it to be pretty.

Developed in concert with FAW, the photos show a combination of elegant design cues (black D-pillar, chrome cladding, etc) and more rugged details (a little more sidewall on the tires, plastic cladding around the wheel arches).



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Rumors of a shooting brake version of the Arteon date back to December 2016, when Elmar-Marius Licharz, VW’s head of full-size products, told Autocar that the car VW thought that “a shooting brake is absolutely the sort of car that could work. First it needs a business case, but it looks quite good.”

And now it looks like VW has made a business case in China. The market currently has its own unique crop of vehicles, but we do share some similar models (like the Atlas/Teramont). While it’s much too early to know whether we’ll get a similar car badged as an Arteon, Audi’s recent willingness to bring the RS6 Avant does at least show that the group has faith in wagons.

Back in March 2019, Auto Motor und Sport claimed that VW would endow an Arteon Shooting Brake with a twin-turbo V6 labeled as a VR6. We would still very much like to believe that, though we have our doubts.

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