Hyundai Kona Electric sets new altitude record for EVs

The Hyundai Kona Electric has set a new Guinness World Record for the highest altitude achieved in an electric car.

The Kona Electric was driven to an altitude of 5,731 meters to the Sawula Pass in Tibet. It beat the previous record of 5,715.28 meters.

In December 2019, the Kona Electric had set off on a 700 km drive from Lhasa to the Everest base camp, which is located at an altitude of 17,000 feet (5,181.6 meters).

The Kona Electric was launched in July 2019. The car uses a 39.2 kWh battery that powers an electric motor that has an output of 134 BHP and 395 Nm. Hyundai claims that the car can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 9.7 seconds, while the battery is said to offer an ARAI certified range of 452 km on a single charge.

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